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watch you spin around in your highest heels

sara, about before. . . me too.

15 November 1985

Jess. 20-something. US of A. Recent college grad. English Degree! Married. Loves written word.
   Prison Break. Reading (all books good and bad). The Office. Learning how to cook. Prison Break. Michael & Sara. Wentworth Miller. Prison Break. Sarah Wayne Callies. Jodi Picoult. Stephen King. Prison Break. Lost. Law & Order: SVU. Writing. Prison Break. My husband. To Kill a Mockingbird. Sophie Kinsella & Becky Bloomwood. Prison Break. Shakespeare. The Mentalist. Community. Dexter. PRISON BREAK.

Moon pours through the ceiling tonight
Embraces us tight
Shows me we're right for each other
And as we lie here and let the world fade away
The sunrise tries to end it while we try to stay.

The rest of my life can't compare to this night
And only the heartaches have given me sight,
They bring me to you,
They bring me to you.

sara(h)'s back.

layout: thismidnight
m/s mood theme: nightfall_icons & alias_jems
swc moodtheme: cathartic_prose
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